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PolyLok Trench & Channel Drain

PolyLok Trench Drain

The Polylok Channel Rain Drains is the Complete Surface Water Drainage Solution. The durability & high performance of the " Channel Rain Drains" ensures a long lasting, permanent solution to the collection and dispersal of standing surface water. Use our Channel Rain Drains around driveways, patios, walkways or any other area that you need to get rid of standing surface water.

Tech Specs


polylok trench drains

  • Loads of 61-175 psi
  • Recommended for medium-duty pneumatic tire traffic, autos and light trucks at speeds less than 20 mph
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic (polypropylene)
  • Channels and Grates are rated for 5 tons or 10,000 lbs
  • Cross braced ribs are designed into the body for strength and rigidity
  • Anti-Floatation Channel "Feet" prevent floating when encased in fill material
  • Built in bottom outlet accommodates 4" sewer drain pipe
  • U shaped channel and corners are designed to prevent water pooling
  • Channel lengths are interlocking, no clips required and are "Qwik Fit"
  • Channel Grates clip in and out, no screws required
  • Channel Grates are concave to more efficiently trap / transfer water
  • End Caps, Outlets and Leaf Guards are "Qwik Fit", no solvents required
  • All products are "UV" inhibited

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